End Credits Show Notes for Thursday December 28, 2017

This week, with this being the last episode of End Credits of the Year 2017 and all, we do what all famous movie critics do at this time: make a list. The topic we’ve chosen, naturally, is the best films of 2017, and it was another great year of cinema if you know what to look for. So this week, we’ve got four lists, and while there’s some overlap, but more than enough proof that in spite of everything, it was still a fun and interesting year at the movies.

This Thursday, December 28, at 10 am, Adam A. Donaldson, Vince Masson, Peter Salmon, and Candice Lepage will discuss:

1) The Top 5 of 2017. What a year at the movies! No, seriously. Of course, on the surface the North American movie industry is filled with superhero flicks, family-friendly cartoons, and remakes by the buttload, but there are also a lot of treasures too. This year, some of our winners include topical thrillers, strange dramas, romantic comedies that are touching and hilarious, and, yes, even a couple of superhero movies that were able to break the mold. To mark the last show of the year, each of our panelists have put together their own Top 5 list of the greatest hits of 2017.

End Credits is on CFRU 93.3 fm and cfru.ca Thursday at 10 am.

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