End Credits Show Notes for Thursday January 18, 2018

This week on End Credits, things get real. Unlike last week’s jaunt into the realm of magic policing and getting small to save the world, we’ve got real life problems to talk about. Specifically, we have to get back to the latest, constantly shifting news about the social movement of our times as new allegations are revealed, and the blowback has begun in earnest. And then, we’ll tie that in with this week’s movie, which is about events almost 50 years ago, but still feel oddly timely.

This Thursday, January 18, at 10 am, Adam A. Donaldson and Peter Salmon will discuss:

1) Not All the Money… Ridley Scott got a lot of praise for acting swiftly to remove Kevin Spacey from All the Money in the World in order to save the movie and thousands of hours of work by hundreds of film professionals. If only the lead actress hadn’t been paid 1,500 times less than the lead actor… It was revealed last week Mark Wahlberg made $1.5 million versus the $1,000 paid to Michelle Williams, and while the situation’s been redressed by Wahlberg and his agents, isn’t this just the kind of systemic issues that #MeToo and Time’s Up is trying to undermine?

2) Time’s Up (Again). In the latest from this ongoing story, we saw James Franco hit with several allegations of misconduct after his Golden Globes appearance, Eliza Dushku opened up about her assault on the set of True Lies when she was 12 years old, and then we started getting the blowback. Liam Neeson said in an interview that he has started thinking that this was becoming a witch hunt, and 100 French actresses penned an open letter saying that this was American puritanism run amok. All this before the new allegations about Aziz Ansari broke too.

3) In the Black, Panther. The next film in the Marvel Studios juggernaut comes out in less than a month, and if early online sales are any indication, Black Panther is set to be one of the biggest releases yet. Fandango says that the pre-release ticket sales for Black Panther have outpaced all other Marvel films so far, and the crowdfunding campaign to buy Black Panther tickets for kids from Harlem made four-times its goal in less than a week. With a majority black cast and an acclaimed black director at the helm is Black Panther this year’s Wonder Woman?

REVIEW: The Post (2017). In a particularly difficult time in American history, one newspaper was all there was that stood between a despotic president, and the truth that would shake the nation. About 47 years later, the story of the publishing of the Pentagon Papers is loving told in this film by Steven Spielberg, which captures the zeitgeist with two stories about the leadership of the paper under its first female publisher Katherine Graham, and a newspaper’s quest to stand up to the power of the White House. It’s the movie Nixon doesn’t want you to see…

End Credits is on CFRU 93.3 fm and cfru.ca Thursday at 10 am.

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