End Credits Show Notes for Wednesday April 18, 2018

We’re going to keep things very, very quiet this week on End Credits. We’re going to review the smash hit new horror film A Quiet Place, which even has audiences holding their breath, but before that, we’re going to talk about some important news items. We’ll talk about that Rob Ford movie that’s not a Rob Ford movie, the spoiler stunt for everyone’s favourite TV western, and the problem with Apu. Yes, that Apu.

This Wednesday, April 18, at 2 pm, Adam A. Donaldson and Candice Lepage will discuss:

1) Floored Nation. The drama and scandal around the life of former Toronto Mayor Rob Ford was called “stranger than fiction”, but it’s just strange enough for a fictitious tale being developed by writer/director Ricky Tollman. Run This Town will tell the story of a big city mayor that is like Rob Ford, but not Rob Ford, and told from the point of view of struggling millennials, one reporter working to expose him, and two staffers trying to keep him in line. There’s been a lot of confusion about this project, which we’ll untangle, but seriously, why not just tell the Rob Ford story?

2) Crazy ‘World. The creators of HBO’s Westworld thought they had us. During a Reddit AMA they suggested they would release a 20-minute video that would offer every spoiler for the upcoming second season of the show, but it turned out to be an elaborate practical joke. Good one. The point though is that a lot of people believed we were at that point, that the discussion and dissection of spoilers was so far along that the only way to feed the beast was to divorce them from having to actually watch the show week-to-week. So was this a good idea, or a bad prank?

3) World War Apu. A documentary by comedian Hair Kandabolu opened up a long, simmering problem with the nearly three decade old run of The Simpsons. It’s called The Problem with Apu. Guess what it’s about. Many young Indian Americans have grown up stigmatized, even bullied, because of how the show portrays what is, in essence, the most well-known Indian character in mass media. The Simpsons themselves responded in-show last week, and let’s just say it wasn’t received well. Is “the Apu problem” now too big for the show to ignore, or are we making too much out of a cartoon character?

REVIEW: A Quiet Place (2018). Forget giant spaceships or laser guns, when the aliens come, they’ll be able to kill us all if we chew too loud. In A Quiet Place, if they hear you, they hunt you, and you do not want to be heard! No one knows that better then a tightly knit nuclear family living in Upstate New York who try to go about life as best they can in a world without sound. Former Office funnyman John Krasinski leads in front of, and behind the camera, with real-life wife Emily Blunt as they try to keep the kids safe without ever saying a word in another great example of our present horror revival movement.

End Credits is on CFRU 93.3 fm and cfru.ca Wednesday at 2 pm.

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