End Credits Show Notes for Wednesday August 29, 2018

It always funnier with puppets, right? That statement will be put to the test this week on End Credits as we review a movie with puppets in it. Guess which one?! We will also be talking about some serious issues though. How women reporters are portrayed on film, and the #MeToo effect on film nudity are some serious issues, but the behind the scenes rancor on the next James Bond movie is also kind of serious in its own way. Also, we’ll say farewell so some nerds.

This Wednesday, August 29, at 2 pm, Adam A. Donaldson, and Jesse Mellott will discuss:

Flub Reporter. The HBO series Sharp Objects wrapped this past weekend, and left at least one writer of The Atlantic with a bad feeling: another female journalist on film that will do *anything* to get a story. Damn ethics! Damn rules about not sleeping with sources! It always seems like a woman journalist is painted in the worst possible light, so why can’t we get a female reporter hero that actually does her job well, and with a minimum of ethical breaches?

Let’s Talk About Sex Scenes. The #MeToo movement is nearly a year old, and still the topic of many discussions, but has there been any real effect on the business? Perhaps one test is the treatment of sex scenes in movies and TV series, do actors and actresses have any more authority in terms of deciding how their bodies are used and seen on film? A recent THR article says there have been improvements, but have there been enough?

Double Double, Boyle, and Trouble. It was while recording the show last week when news broke that Danny Boyle had left the production of the 25th James Bond movie over “creative differences.” But what are those differences? A couple of different stories have emerged and they paint a picture of the classic clash between studio and filmmaker. So what happens now? Can anyone come in and give Daniel Craig the send-off he deserves?

Nerd Bore? Last week, it was announced that The Big Bang Theory is entering its 12th and final season next month. It’s the end of one of TV’s most-watched programs, and the end of the longest-running multi-cam sitcom in TV history, but do we care? Has The Big Bang Theory reached the limits of its comedic concept? Did it reach those limits long ago? We’ll try and and answer these very unscientific questions.

REVIEW: The Happytime Murders (2018). Puppets that kill? It’s not just an obscure Comedy Network show anymore, as Muppets legacy Brian Henson turns his puppeteering skills to something decidedly more R-rated: a bawdy comedy set in the film noir world where puppets live side-by-side with humans. Can Melissa McCarthy overcome anti-puppet bigotry and work with a puppet P.I. to solve a gruesome series of felt-related murders? There’s a sentence you thought you’d never read.

End Credits is on CFRU 93.3 fm and cfru.ca Wednesday at 2 pm.

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