End Credits Show Notes for Wednesday October 10, 2018

This week on End Credits, we catch a rising star and put out a review about her. Yes, A Star is Born, and we were there to see it shine on this week’s show. As for the news, speaking of stars, we’re heading back in to the Star Wars, or at least the TV version, and we’re eager to learn more about Dick [Cheney], and a drug dealing Clint Eastwood. And this week, as with the next couple of weeks, our Halloween tribute rolls on…

This Wednesday, October 10, at 2 pm, Adam A. Donaldson and Peter Salmon will discuss:

Super Commando TV. Jon Favreau announced the name, and some of the details, about the Star Wars TV show he’s been working on. The Mandalorian will follow a lone gunslinger that looks like Boba Fett but is not Boba Fett on the fringes of the galaxy sometime after Return of the Jedi. But after the lackluster success of Solo: A Star Wars Story, can we now confirm that there’s such a thing as Star Wars saturation? And are people going to buy the Disney streaming service to get it?

Vice and the Mule. Awards season is coming, and we seem to have two new contenders. On the one hand, Clint Eastwood delivers his second film of the year in a timely drama about an old man running drugs and trying to reconnect with his family. And speaking of monsters, the other trailer of the week is the new Dick Cheney bio-pic from Adam McKay called Vice. Are one or both of these films bound for Oscar glory?

What Are Your Favourite Scary Movies? (The Peter Edition). We continue on this week with our celebration of Halloween, and horror movies as Peter Salmon gives us his sorta decisive list of favourite scary movies. So what’s Peter got for you? How about a found footage classic, one of the better examples of torture porn, a new spin on a classic genre, a Stephen King thriller, and the perhaps the best of David Cronenberg?

REVIEW: A Star is Born (2018). Into every generation A Star is Born, and she alone will make a tired, old alcoholic star believe in music again… Seriously, every once in a while, someone gets it in their hear to remake A Star is Born, and this time it’s Bradley Cooper’s turn. The actor/director plays a folk crooner that rediscovers his love for life and music when he meets Ally, whose amazing voice demands attention. This is old-fashioned Hollywood mirth-making, so come on out and watch Lady Gaga win her Oscar!

End Credits is on CFRU 93.3 fm and cfru.ca Wednesday at 2 pm.

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