End Credits Show Notes for Wednesday July 24, 2019

This week on End Credits, we’re going to avoid the siren song of The Lion King, and get into what the people should really want to see, survivalist horror drama. We’ll see if we survived Crawl, and we’ll see if we survive Scarlett Johansson’s latest controversy and the new Cats trailer, plus we’ll talk about the first announcement for TIFF and monsters in the movies!

This Wednesday, July 24, at 2 pm, Adam A. Donaldson and Candice Lepage will discuss:

Scarlett Blather. Scarlett Johansson stuck her foot in her mouth again when she said in a magazine article that she should be able to play whatever person, plant or animal she wants as an actor and artist. Fair enough, but why is everyone so upset then about Lashana Lynch playing “007” and Halie Bailey as The Little Mermaid, so does ScarJo get it?

A Band Apart. For the first time in nearly a decade, the Toronto International Film Festival is opening with a Canadian film, the documentary, Once Were Brothers: Robbie Robertson and the Band. The film was executive produced by Martin Scorsese and Ron Howard, so it’s got that Hollywood gold TIFF loves, but why is it so hard for Canada’s biggest festival to show our films?

Cats-tastrophe. It’s been a busy week for trailers thanks to San Diego Comic Con, but one trailer rose to the top in terms of being both bizarre and disturbing: Cats. The Tom Hooper adaptation of the Andrew Lloyd Webber musical hits screens this holiday season, but film fans are hitting themselves to make sure they didn’t dream up such an unsettling trailer. See for yourself.

It’s Your Thing! This week on the show, we’re reviewing a film that can be safely be described as a “creature feature.” These types of movies fall in a couple of different categories, there are the ones like The Blob, which are as silly as they are scary, and there’s ones like The Creature from the Black Lagoon with pathos and humanity, So what are our favourite creature features?

REVIEW: Crawl (2019). Sure, The Lion King came out last week, and it predictably made a ton of money, but what can you say about it, really? Wouldn’t you rather watch a father and daughter try and survive a hurricane in a flooded out crawlspace while surrounded man-eating alligators? I think we all know the answer to that? This week, we shirk the savannahs of Africa for the swamps of Florida, where the terror is definitely better than photo-realistic!

End Credits is on CFRU 93.3 fm and cfru.ca Wednesday at 2 pm.

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