End Credits Show Notes for Wednesday October 16, 2019

This week on End Credits, two is better than one. Why have just one Will Smith, when you can have two, and that’s pretty much the entire point of Gemini Man, which is this week’s review. We’re also going to talk about why everyone’s hating on the MCU, why there might be more Joker in the future, and we’ll talk about Peter’s Top 5 from 1999.

This Wednesday, October 16, at 2 pm, Adam A. Donaldson and Peter Salmon will discuss:

M.C.Eww. In the last couple of weeks it’s seemed like everybody’s been dumping on the Marvel Cinematic Universe, from Martin Scorsese to Jennifer Aniston. Comic book movie fans have predictably taken this too seriously, and personally, but is there a kernel of truth to the main issue, which is that the movie business is a bit too obsessed with superhero movies lately?

The Billing Joke. Todd Phillips’ Joker has made almost $200 million in just two weekends of release, and most of the time, that would be a cause for great expectations for a sequel, but wouldn’t that defeat the point of Joker in the first place? Not so fast, sources say that Joaquin Phoenix is interested in more Joker, and so is the studio. Good idea, or bad idea?

25 for ’99, Part 2 of 5. It’s been 20 years since what’s been called “the best year in movies” came and went, 12 months of some of the most influential and innovative movies of the last few decades, and for the next couple of weeks, we’ll remember the best of the best. Each of our hosts will reveal their Top 5 favourites from 1999, and this week we’ll continue with Peter.

REVIEW: Gemini Man (2019). If Will Smith is bank, then what are two Will Smiths? You get more Smith than you’ve bargained for with Gemini Man, where the present day old Smith meets his young clone in a battle cross the globe. Sounds cool, and it comes from Academy Award winning director Ang Lee, but this script has been kicking around Hollywood since the 90s, which has got to make you wonder if it’s aged as well as the technology that’s made it possible…

End Credits is on CFRU 93.3 fm and cfru.ca Wednesday at 2 pm.

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