End Credits Show Notes for Wednesday March 8, 2023 (Episode #287)

This week on End Credits, we’re just saying “yes” to drugs. Well, we’re saying “yes” to movies about animals doing drugs and then attacking people. If you’re unsure based on this complete lack of subtlety, we’re reviewing Cocaine Bear, which may end up one day being a cult classic, but in case it doesn’t, we’ll suggest a few other movies that are already classics.

This Wednesday, March 8, at 3 pm, Adam A. Donaldson and Candice Lepage will discuss:

A Cult Above the Rest. So the movie this week seems ready made to be a cult classic, a type film and a type of film fandom that’s hard to define, but is usually around a film that was a box office bomb, controversial, and/or obscure but none the less gathered a small but passionate fanbase. So the level of diffi-cult-y is hard, but nonetheless we will talk about some of the best cult classics from pre-1970s, the 70s-90s, and post-2000.

REVIEW: Cocaine Bear (2023). In 1985 several bags full of cocaine were thrown from a plane over a national forest in Georgia. A bear found some the coke, ingested it, and then died of an overdose, but what if instead that bear went on a cocaine fuelled rampage in the woods, eating hikers and disembowelling park rangers? Filmmakers had a similar thought, and it fell to actress/director Elizabeth Banks to bring this tale to life with that rarest of mixes, horror and comedy. So how did Banks do? Is Cocaine Bear the cult classic in the making it wants to be?

End Credits is on CFRU 93.3 fm and cfru.ca Wednesday at 3 pm.

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