End Credits Show Notes for Wednesday March 24, 2021 (Episode #191)

This week on End Credits, things are going to get especially disturbing. Our review this week is an Oscar-nominee, and a timely one at that. We’re going to talk about Promising Young Woman, and there’s so much to talk about with this movie. For a bit of fun though, we’re going to kick off the first part of the show on a theme with a list of revenge movies.

This Wednesday, March 24, at 3 pm, Adam A. Donaldson and Candice Lepage will discuss:

Scorecard with a Vengeance. Are you aware of the old Klingon proverb that says revenge is a dish best served cold. Over the years, Hollywood has served up many, many cold dishes indeed. From an architect at his wit’s end with 70s crime in New York, to a genetically enhanced despot on the edge of known space, we will count off 10 of the greatest, and sometimes funnest, revenge movies.

REVIEW: Promising Young Woman (2020). There’s nothing new about the revenge thriller (see above), but there’s something very different about Promising Young Woman. The Oscar-nominated film by Emerald Fennell is about one woman’s attempt to get justice for her friend, a victim of sexual assault, but the course by which she gets there is thought-provoking, disturbing, and leaves you with a lot of assumptions questioned. Carey Mulligan leads a great cast in what may be one of the most difficult and satisfying movies this awards season.

End Credits is on CFRU 93.3 fm and cfru.ca Wednesday at 3 pm.

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