End Credits Show Notes for Wednesday March 30, 2022 (Episode #241)

This week on End Credits we’re reliving past successes. For our feature review on this week’s show, we’re looking at one of the biggest high-profile remakes of the last few years – almost Oscar-worthy – Guillermo del Toro’s Nightmare Alley. And before that, we will kick off the theme by looking at other good movies that are equal to, or better, than the original versions.

This Wednesday, March 30, at 3 pm, Adam A. Donaldson and Tim Phillips will discuss:

Remake Redemptions. Yes, this week’s movie review is technically a remake, but would it surprise you to learn that not all remarks are bad. Before diving into Nightmare Alley, we will consider other well-known and accomplished remakes from the world of cinema, including a monster movie, a sci-fi classic, a gangster tale, and a western. These movies might have come second (or third), but they prove that a remake can have something important to say.

REVIEW: Nightmare Alley (2021). And that brings us to this week’s review, the remake of the 1947 Edmund Goulding film noir, Nightmare Alley. This time, it’s Guillermo del Toro behind the camera, but the story’s the same: a drifter becomes a talented mentalist only to find himself outsmarted and ruined at the height of his power. Bradley Cooper stars (and produces) leading an all-star cast in this film that received four Academy Award nominations, and though it didn’t receive any, that doesn’t mean who shouldn’t still catch up with this finely crafted movie.

End Credits is on CFRU 93.3 fm and cfru.ca Wednesday at 3 pm.

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