End Credits Show Notes for Wednesday March 23, 2022 (Episode #240)

This week on End Credits, we’re going to find out what people really think. In the first part of the show, we’re going to talk to the director of an indie horror movie made in Wellington County and find out what scares him. For the review, we’re going to get inside the heads of three people caught in a hostage situation, likely for production during COVID reasons.

This Wednesday, March 23, at 3 pm, Adam A. Donaldson and Peter Salmon will discuss:

INTERVIEW: Ali Akbar Akbar Kamal, director of Godforsaken. In the new film Godforsaken, a man returns to his hometown in Wellington County for the funeral of an old friend, only to walk into a horror when the deceased crashes their own funeral. This found footage entry comes from the mind of director Ali Akbar Akbar Kamal, and he joins us this week to talk about his inspiration, his ambition, and the overwhelming number of creepy basements in Harriston.

REVIEW: Windfall (2022). In Charlie McDowell’s new movie he revisits some of the same ground as his breakthrough, The One I Love. A couple shows up at their vacation home, but instead of finding doppelgängers, they find a man robbing them, and the nameless robber has a very personal reason to want to steal from this arrogant CEO and his lovely (but unhappy?) wife. Jason Segel, Lily Collins and Oscar-nominee Jesse Plemons spend 90 minutes testing themselves and the audience, but who is the real bad guy, and do any of us care in the end?

End Credits is on CFRU 93.3 fm and cfru.ca Wednesday at 3 pm.

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