End Credits Show Notes for Wednesday February 5, 2020

This week on End Credits, you won’t need your whole seat You’ll just need the edge! We’re reviewing the high-wire act, impeccable thrill ride that is Uncut Gems, and before that we’ll talk about Oscar snubs, Oscar predictions, and why Hollywood is still so film happy in our digital times.

This Wednesday, February 5, at 2 pm, Adam A. Donaldson and Tim Phillips will discuss:

Film Score. It was announced last week that the five major Hollywood studios have reached a new deal to buy film from Kodak for the next several years. Yes, physical film. And yes, Kodak is still in business. It seems surprising, but so many of Hollywood’s biggest players, and more than a couple of Oscar nominees, are still big on film. Is film the new vinyl?

We Have Standards. Terry Moore, who is a member of the Academy after being nominated for Best Supporting Actress in the 1950s, says the reason why frontrunners like Adam Sandler, Jennifer Lopez and Eddie Murphy weren’t nominated is because they don’t meet the high standards of what an “Oscar nominee” is according to members like her. Out of touch much?

The Prediction Business. The Oscars are awarded this Sunday, so in advanced of the physical awards being handed out, we’re going to talk about who should win, and who will win in the four major categories, as well as the one category of our choice. Who do we think will go home with trophies, and are they the same people who should be going home with trophies?

REVIEW: Uncut Gems (2019). In Uncut Gems, the Safdie Brothers deliver a white knuckle ride that involves no car chases, no shoot outs and no stand offs. Adam Sandler plays a New York jeweler in the city’s “Diamond District” who’s precipitously staying one step ahead of what seems like every loan shark in the tri-state area, but is time catching up to him? The bigger question though: How the hell did a movie this good get *zero* Oscar nominations?

End Credits is on CFRU 93.3 fm and cfru.ca Wednesday at 2 pm.

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